Powder Coat Services

Our Processes

While overall the process of powder coating steel and aluminium products is relatively simple, its the execution that determines the quality of the finished job. If not done correctly, there is every chance that the coating may fail within a relatively short time frame and not last as long as it should do. We established the business to deliver customers  a really good value proposition - best quality, reliable service and competitive prices.



Our Job Processes

Good quality powder coating is a fairly simple process but as always getting the basics right determines the quality of the end job. The following broadly outlines our processes. For more information click on QUALITY


Materials Receival

When a customer deliveres their materials to us for coating, we first inspect the goods, check off the items and quantities against the customer's Purchase Order and look to identify any issues, shortages, overages, coating process challenges and therefore any matters we need to discuss and confirm with the customer in regard to their job. Generally most jobs are straight forward but in other instances we will get a sign off from the customer on any recommendations or changes to the customer's original PO or job specs.

Product Preparation

Like any form of painting or coating, the preparation of the materials is critical to obtain a high quality finished job. We lightly blast every steel item to remove any oil, grease, dirt, flaking paint or other material. Galvanised products are lightly blasted to etch the surface to obtain a high quality bonding with the powder - care is taken not to remove the galv coating.

Powder Application

In some instances a primer coat should be applied - especially to ungalvanised steel and where the finished item may be exposed to corrossive environments (e.g coastal area, salt water etc). Powders are slightly porous and over time will allow water through to the steel substrate meaning rusting may occur down the track.

The top coat is applied after the surface preparation and primer coat (if applicable). Generally only one coat is required - we aim for a minimum powder thickness of 80 microns which is keeping with the Australian Standards. We take before and after thickness recordings to ensure the finished coating complies with all standards.

QA Checks

All batches of coated product have the oven temperature data recorded (oven air temp and steel material temp) so that we know the powder has baked correctly and the metal material was at the right temperature throughout the entire time in the oven. Test samples of product are assessed for adhesion and curing - this data along with a sample of coating thickness measurements is recorded in the job file for future reference.


Last stage is to pack the finished products correctly to ensure (as far as possible) that the items are not scratched or chipped during transport. While we use all possible packing materials and strapp;ing, utimately it is the end customers responsibility to ensure the finished product travels well without damage.