Powder Coat Services



What Powders & Colours can I choose?

We carry a large selection of different colours and textured powders from the major powder suppliers - Jotun, Akzo Nobel (Interpon) and Dulux. Matches to the main Colorbond colours are available. You can view the different suppliers' colour charts and Technical Information by clicking on this link RESOURCES

What is your pricing for powder coating, surface preparation and blasting ?

For steel products as a standard process we include a light blast clean as part of the standard service process - just as chemical surface preparation is included for aluminium products. Where an extended blast for steel products is required, we can provide pricing. Top coat prices will vary depending on powder colour & texture, primer requirement - customer volumes will also determine pricing. You can get a quote using our upcoming online quote tool - in the meantime call or send an email with the details of your job and we'll send you back a quote. sales@nbpowder.com.au (07) 3059 9107

Is there an Australian Standard for Powder Coating ?

Yes - we do everything required to comply with AS4506 - Metal Finishing - Thermoset powder coating. As we install our new aluminium preparation equipment in the first half of 2022, we will work to the requirements of AS3715 - specifically for architectural applications of alumnium and aluminiun alloys.

What happens if I can't pick my job up as soon as its finished? ?

We have a lot of customer jobs going through our factory and equipment and while we have a reasonbly large facility, floor space is at a premium. So we will give you 3 days free storage after the job is completed, thereafter a storage fee will be applied up to a mamximum of 5 business days - after which we will insist on the customer picking up their job.

Does NBPC charge for pallets

Yes - but only when a customer delivers their materials loose and we consider they need to be better packed after powder coating for ease of handling by forklift and better protection against damage - we generally pack product using flexible / soft packing materials and strapping to the pallet. Depending on the size of the pallet, a charge of approx. $25 per pallet will apply.

What QA checks do you do?

At various stages of each job we conduct a number of Quality Assurance checks including:-

  • on arrival, we check the incoming items / materials against the customer's Purchase Order or materials list to ensure we have the correct items & qtys (any discrepancies are advised to the customer before we start the next stage), any other issues are identified and recorded in the job file - pics and description
  • record a series of thickness readings of any existing coating / substrate (e.g. galvanising or paint coat) to give a "before" set of data
  • a sophisticated data logger in the oven records air temp, material temp - all this data is downloaded to the job file
  • "after" thickness coating readings with the data recorded in the job file
  • visual inspection to identify any surface finish defects usually "degassing" pimples which can be simply reworked after consultation with the customer, pics are recorded into the job file

All this QA data is recorded into the job file, which can be accessed online by the customer

When should I opt for a primer coat ?

Primer coats are applied after the cleaning & preparation stage for steel products. It is a zinc rich powder which is baked just as all powders are. The top coat is applied over the primer coat - its important to understand that some top coat powders can be slightly porous and, over time, water may penetrate through the top coat surface to the underlying material which may cause rusting.

A primer coat is important when:-

  • the finished product / item is located in a coastal or corrosive environment
  • the finished product is exposed to salt water (e.g. vehicles driving on the beach sand)
  • the base steel materials have not been galvanised

Better safe than sorry down the track!

Can bolt threads and other parts on an item be covered from being coated ?

Yes - we have a special thermal tape which can be wrapped around bolt threads and other parts (bushes etc), we also have special silicon based caps and plugs for covering and plugging threaded areas or areas you don't want coated. This is an extra service and a small charge applies.

Is there a minimum order charge?

Yes - a minimu order charge of $50 plus GST applies for standard colours. Where special / non-standard colours are require an additional charge may apply - talk to us about what you need done and we will provide you with a quote.